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Ideas for the New World Empty Ideas for the New World

Post  SpustyRune on Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:20 am

Welcome to our new world. It is currently under construction. Though what we can say that this is an attempt to have our minds start fresh. There will be different rules, different lore, different religions, and different characters. For the time being we will be a little more strict about how this certain realm plays out in the beginning. Much needs to be worked on and order must be kept until everything gets straightened out. However that does not mean ideas or questions are discouraged. In fact the more interest shown, the faster we can get this realm up and running. Though keep in mind that not all ideas will be implemented. But all ideas will be discussed between our lovely admin and our genius mod(me). We want everyone to have fun. That is the point of our games. So we can all have fun. Games are a team effort and we are in this together. After all, it is no fun gaming alone.

Though I digress. In order to maintain control and to keep record of what happens, this realm will be exclusively played online, namely here on this forum. And as much as I hate to say it(and I really do hate saying it) characters for this realm will need to be screened before actual play, or at least until everyone has a good idea of how the realm works. I hope you can see the sense in this. This realm is not like what our brothers and sisters from MR might be used to. This world is completely unrelated to Dibeartach Deamhan, the realm in which many of us had numerous fun adventures. This realm is truly a new beginning, and represents our final separation from our past worlds from past sites. This will be -our- original realm. One we did not import. One not based off certain subrealms. This realm is a testament to our imaginations. Good luck everyone. I hope you all have fun. Game well.

Ahem... Now as a reward for enduring your Lord Spusty's long-winded rant and sparce dry humor and even his likely ineffective inspirational speech, I am going to reveal what you all can except. I won't reveal much, but it should get your creative juices flowing enough to start thinking up some ideas to send, if you wish to. Or at the least help get a headstart on a char you might wish to make. Again, we are going to screen characters, I honestly do know how much a char can be important to you, but we have witnessed what happened when ideas are allowed to run rampant. So please, if you have any character ideas, keep them flexible in your mind, that way instead of having to erase them and create anew, you can simply adjust.

Now I do believe, since we are starting fresh, that we keep that power of our playable characters limited. This is the beginning of an adventure, we are at level one so to speak. For now, powerful characters will remain as NPC's. Make your characters able to grow. We want there to be room for improvement. We are going to work our way to the top.

The world is one of water. Ocean as far as the eye can see. Humans are the dominant race... not that any race can be called dominant in this way of life. People have banded together and created floating cities made of ships that have been attached together. Some people are nomadic, living in armadas. The lucky and priveledged live on islands. Island are very rare. Very coveted. The rich and powerful can be found there, most are crowded and just one big city. Islands are not very big however, they are small. The largest island so far actually has TWO cities! (I know right?) There is no large landmass. Barely any land on the seemingly endless ocean... But legends always arise. Born from hopes and dreams of those who want something more. An island... One island bigger than anyone can imagine. Some scoff at the idea... But to some the chance of a landmass like that is too wonderful to ignore. Reasons vary. To find it to start a new life on paradise, to become famous, to be rich beyond imagination, or even to own the greatest discovery ever known. It doesn't matter the reason, there are people that sail the seas to search for land. Not just islands, but the mythical Pangaea. Though being a Land Hunter is not so easy a task. Many dream of being these special explorers, and many sail out trying to be them... However some die, some return and give up, and even more are never heard from again. The sea is full of danger. And the islands, well they themselves can hold just as many horrors as they might hold hope of new generations. Now with such rumors of a paradise, will eventually spawn rumors of a protaganist. Some of the veteran Land Hunters have reported some force has been trying to hamper their efforts. Some body doesn't want land to be found. But nobody believes that, land is far to precious. But other than dangers, the endless oceans harbors mysteries as well. There is no real history. There is no record of how people came to be. Each of the two great temples have different theories. The Temple of the Sky believe that we decended from the stars, and that it is the stars that give us power and knowledge. Then there is the Temple of the Sea. They believe that humanity rose up from the depths, and it is the sea that carries and nourishes us. Neither belief of creation can really be confirmed. All we know is that we are here. Another mystery are tales of great beings that came before. A past civilization that was incredibly advanced as well as having a firm grasp on knowledge of magic. There is both magic and tech in this realm. Magic is uncommon, mostly because it is difficult to learn, it takes real dedication. Those of the Temples most frequently use magic. The level of technology is like steampunk. It is not too high, since we still want it to have keep a fantasy vibe instead of industrial. Level of tech will more easily be explained by witnessing it in play. Yes, there will be simple guns and even cannons. I will add more to the explanation as we think it up.

Love, Lord Spusty

PS No... really. Love him.

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